Een initiatief van Malmberg


Heavy snowfall has caused chaos in Germany and Austria. Snow belongs to winter as sun belongs to summer. It’s not snowing here now, but there’s lots of the stuff where the little ones in the video live.

Before you watch the video, meet the main characters:

  • a group of penguin chicks (groepje jonge pinguïns)
  • a giant petrel (een grote stormvogel)
  • a feisty Adelie (een stoere adeliepinguïn)
  • several penguin cams (nep-pinguïns met een verborgen camera)


Read the following words and phrases and their definitions.

  • a challenge – a difficult task or problem; something that is hard to do
  • stopped in their tracks – If you stop or are stopped in your tracks, you stop doing something suddenly or immediately.
  • defensive – defending or protecting someone or something from an attack
  • a standoff – a situation, argument, contest, etc., in which there is no winner
  • to mess with – to get in a fight with


First read the assignment. Next watch the video. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

1. Where are the penguin chicks going?
2. What do the penguin chicks do to defend themselves? Name two things.
3. How tall are the penguin chicks?
4. What does the Adelie penguin do after chasing away the petrel?
5. What is the Adelie penguin waiting for when it is standing at the waterside?

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