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Squiddly Squid

Assignment 1

a        Name five or more sea animals.


Squiddly Squid

Squid Game – Lots of kids are talking about it. But is it something they should be watching? Officially it is not suitable for kids under 17. So, think before you watch.

Why is it called Squid Game? What does it mean? The answer to this question is suitable for all ages: Squid Game is the name of a popular game in Korea. Korean children used to play it in the 1970s and 1980s. They drew a shape in the dirt to play it. It was the shape of a squid.

What’s a squid? Find out more about squids here.


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.    giant a.     an animal that eats meat
2.    mysterious b.     carried by water and then ending up on land
3.    eight-armed c.     the distance from one side to the opposite side of a circle
4.    rarely d.     the land along the edge of the sea
5.    humans e.     long thin parts like arms of some sea animals
6.    washed up f.      not often
7.    beach g.     people
8.    carnivore h.     to see or notice somthing
9.    diameter i.      strange and unknown
10. to spy j.      thin flat parts that stick out from the body of a fish that they use to swim
11. tentacles k.     to try to catch and eat
12. to attack l.      very large
13. fins m.   with 8 arms


Assignment 3

a        True or false?

1     Giant squids have eyes as big as beach balls.
2     Not many people have seen giant squids swimming in the ocean.
3     A group of squids is called “a school of squids”.
4     Giant squids cannot see anything deep down in the water.
5     All squids have eight arms.
6     Giant squids eat other sea animals and sea plants.


b        How do squids eat?

1     They flap with their small fins to wash the food into their mouths.
2     They shrimp fish to make them small enough for their mouths.
3     They use their two long tentacles to bring food to their mouths.
4     They whip food into their mouths with one of their eight arms.


c        What is the main part of the squid body called?

1     The fins.
2     The mantle.
3     The massive body.
4     The tentacles.



WK 43 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – Squiddly Squid

WK 43 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – Squiddly Squid – uitwerking

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