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Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Write down five or more words related to winter.

b           In which country lies:
1 Derbyshire
2 Buxton
3 Madrid



Storm Filomena caused heavy snowfall in parts of South-Western Europe. Road, rail and air travel were disrupted.

Read all about it here.


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning in the text.

1.    an expat a.     cold
2.    an event b.     different from what is normal or expected
3.    to enjoy c.     extreme; very heavy
4.    a helping d.     feeling wonder because something happened that you did not expect
5.    unusual e.     long strip of ground where airplanes take off and land
6.    a native f.      noisy excitement and confusion
7.    to self-isolate g.     to not leave  your home for some time because you might be sick
8.    actually h.     a person who was born or raised in a particular place
9.    phenomenal i.      a pleasant extra thing
10. runway j.      a portion
11. commotion k.     really
12. intense l.      someone who does not live in his own country
13. a bonus m.   something that happens
14. surprised n.     to take pleasure in something
15. chilly o.     very impressive or remarkable


Assignment 3

a        What happened to Gregory Foulger and his family?

1        First they had lots of snow at home in Spain, then they visited England and it snowed again.
2        First they had lots of snow in England, then they went home to Spain and it snowed again.
3        They moved to Madrid and for the first time in their life they had a white Christmas.
4        They moved to Spain because of Brexit and had to self-isolate for ten days.


b        “We were lucky to get home,” said Mr Foulger. Why were they lucky?

1        At home, they could enjoy the snow again and build three snowmen.
2        In Madrid, many roads were impossible to drive on, but they still got home.
3        In the plane, they met some players of Real Madrid before they went home.
4        They managed to get home just before the airport was closed.


c        “Mr Foulger admitted his family were not prepared for the chilly conditions in Spain.” In what way were they not prepared?

1        Their home in Madrid was not warm enough for the cold weather.
2        They didn’t have enough food at home in Madrid.
3        They left a lot of their winter clothes in England.
4        They were really surprised there was extra snow.



WK 03 2020-2021 Lezen B1 – Snowfall

WK 03 2020-2021 Lezen B1 – Snowfall – uitwerking


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