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School Life

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Students share their experience of learning during the pandemic.


  • half-term – in the UK, a short holiday in the middle of each of the three periods into which the school year is divided
  • to self-isolate – to not leave your home and to stay away from other people when you have, or may have, an infectious disease like Covid-19
  • gutted – very disappointed
  • one-on-one teaching – the situation when you are together with your teacher and your teacher talks directly to you and teaches you stuff
  • GCSEs – exams students aged about 16 take for their General Certificate of Secondary Education (soort VMBO-T diploma)
  • unfair – not fair; not treating a group of people all in the same way
  • normal circumstances – normal situation
  • big spike – a sudden, rapid increase in something



  1. Lots of students had to stay home because they were self-isolating or infected. How many at the most?
  2. How did Lewin feel when he had to self-isolate?
  3. Finish the sentence: “It just means that I’ve got to work twice as hard …
  4. Finish the sentence: “There’s a lot of not knowing at the moment …
  5. What is especially hard for school students?



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