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Engels actueel Malmberg schildpad mondmaskers zee vervuiling
Bron afbeelding: Shutterstock/Marti Bug Catcher

Shala and Oliver are Philippine divers. They could not dive for a while because of the pandemic. Now they went back to their dive site.


  • PPE mask – a piece of material to cover and protect your face
  • turtle schildpad
  • big marine life – big creatures that live in the ocean
  • algae – plants and plant-like organisms that grow in water
  • rubbish – garbage; things that are thrown away
  • tarpaulin – a large sheet of strong, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material
  • landfill – an area where waste is buried under the ground
  • to nurture – to feed and protect
  • disposable – made to be thrown away after use
  • washable – suitable for being washed
  • reusable – capable of being used again (and again and again and…)
  • the tip of the iceberg – a small part of something (such as a problem) that can be seen, but then there is also a much larger part that is not seen
  • to dispose – to get rid of, to throw away



  1. Shala and Oliver saw lots of rubbish in the water. Was it more or less than usual?


  1. What kind of rubbish did they see? Name at least 2 different items.


  1. What naturally lives in the water where Shala and Oliver dive? Give at least 2 examples.


  1. What solution does Shala give for the rubbish problem?



WK 11 2020-2021 Luisteren – Rubbish – antwoorden

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