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Quarantine: It is a word that you hear a lot in the news these days. But what is quarantine?


  • abandoned – left by the owner(s) or inhabitant(s); left behind
  • the spread – the development or growth of something so that it covers a larger area or affects a larger number of people
  • disease – illness; a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally
  • bubonic plaguebuilenpest (een besmettelijke ziekte)
  • quaranta giorni – Italian for: forty days
  • controversial – causing much discussion or disagreement
  • yellow fevergele koorts (een besmettelijke ziekte)
  • smallpoxpokken (een zeer besmettelijke virusziekte)
  • Spanish fluSpaanse griep (een zeer besmettelijke griep die in 1918-1919 heerste)
  • potentially – possibly; capable of becoming real
  • rare – not common, very unusual
  • a cure – something that makes someone who is sick healthy again
  • to reunite – to bring (people or things) together again especially after they have been apart for a long time



  1. Fill in the missing numbers:
    Wuhan in China is a city with a population of …………………………
    All passengers on arriving ships had to wait on-board for ……. days
  2. What is quarantine?
  3. Where does the word “quarantine” come from?
  4. “It’s really rare to hear about people being quarantined.” So why are people being quarantined now?
  5. Have any Australians been quarantined because of the coronavirus?


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