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Peak Bloom

Kersenbloesem Engels Actueel Malmberg
Bron afbeelding: Shutterstock/Guitar photographer


  • cherry blossom – the flower of the cherry tree (kersenboom)
  • scenery – nice view of nature
  • harsh winter – winter with very cold and unpleasant weather
  • branch – a part of a tree that grows out from the trunk
  • peak bloom – the period when most flowers are open
  • gifted – given as a present
  • to pollinate – to give a plant pollen (stuifmeel) from another plant of the same kind so that seeds will be produced




  1. What is the date of blossom day for South Korea this year?


  1. Why did the cherry trees bloom quicker this year?


  1. Kim Do-yeon names three places where cherry trees are blossoming. Which three?


  1. Where did the cherry blossoms in Washington DC come from?


  1. How could an early bloom of cherry blossoms hurt the ecosystem?



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