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Nobel Peace Prize


Every year, in October the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is announced. Who chooses who wins?


  • to nominate – to choose someone as a candidate for receiving an honour or award
  • a committee – a group of people who are chosen to do a particular job
  • to propose– to suggest someone for a job, position, office, prize, etc.
  • an individual – a single person
  • to appoint – to give someone a position or duty
  • nomination – the act of choosing someone as a candidate for receiving an honour or award
  • to assess – to make a judgment about something
  • contender – a person who tries to win something in a contest
  • medal – a piece of metal often in the form of a coin with designs and words in honour of a special event, a person, or an achievement
  • publicity – attention that is given to someone or something by newspapers, magazines, television news programs, etc.
  • anniversary – a date that is remembered because a special event occurred on that date in a previous year



  1. Who chooses who wins the Nobel Peace Prize?
  2. Nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize are secret. For how many years?
  3. How many contenders for the Nobel Peace Prize were there in 2020?
  4. What does the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize receive? Name three things.
  5. On which day is the Nobel Peace Prize presented to the winner? Why this date?


Bonus question
Who won the Nobel Peace Prize 2020?


WK 42 2020 Luisteren – Nobel Peace Prize – antwoorden

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