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Museum, Youseum, Looseum

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Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Name 5 or more words related to museums.
b           Which museums do you know and/or have you visited? Write the name(s) down.


Museum, Youseum, Looseum


Museums are known for housing lots of interesting objects that you won’t see anywhere else. Actually you can visit quite some unusual museums. They can be found all over the world.


Take a peek at some unusual museums.



Assignment 2

Find the words and expressions in the left column in the text. Connect each one with the correct definition in the right column.

1.     artefacts a.     all kinds of different things
2.     highly unlikely b.     bag filled with soft material to put your head on when you are lying down
3.     backdrop c.     to feel sick or offended by something
4.     pillow d.     forbidden
5.     number two e.     a large, hairy spider that lives in warm regions
6.     to get grossed out f.      not true or real or genuine
7.     disgusting g.     objects (such as tools or weapons) that were made by people in the past
8.     to puke h.     poo
9.     tarantula i.      the scene that is in the background
10.  confiscated j.      so unpleasant to see, smell, taste, consider, etc., that you feel a bit sick
11.  random k.     taken away from someone as punishment or to enforce the rules
12.  bits and bobs l.      to throw up
13.  fake m.   very rare
14.  banned n.     with the ability to be filled with air
15.  inflatable o.     without a clear plan or pattern


Assignment 3

a        In which museum are visitors encouraged to take selfies?

1    The Inflatable Museum
2    The National Poo Museum
3    The Space Poo Exhibition
4    The Unko Museum
5    The Youmuseum


b        In which museum can you get a picture of yourself with poop-themed items?

1    The Inflatable Museum
2    The National Poo Museum
3    The Space Poo Exhibition
4    The Unko Museum
5    The Youmuseum


c        Where did the toys in the confiscated toy museum come from?

1    They were bits and bobs that used to belong to Queen Victoria.
2    They were collected by the Victoria and Albert Museum.
3    They were confiscated by a teacher from his pupils.
4    They were found in the Museum of Childhood in London.


Assignment 4

a        Which museum would you like to visit?
b        Explain your answer in writing.



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