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Itsy Bitsy Spider


Caitlin Henderson is a zookeeper at the Queensland Museum in Australia. Then the museum had to close its doors because of the coronovirus pandemic. Caitlin had to find a way to take care of the animals she loves.



  • housemates – people who live in the same house with other people, but are not family
  • not thrilled – not very happy
  • attributes – qualities or features that someone or something has
  • quite a variety – a large number of different things
  • hairy – covered with a lot of hair
  • adorable – very cute, attractive, nice, lovable
  • forward-facing eyes – with eyes in front of the face that look straight ahead
  • venom – a liquid that can make people or animals sick or kill them
  • gross – very disgusting, awful



1. Where does Caitlin keep the spiders?

2. How many spiders does Caitlin have in her house?

3. Listen carefully from 01:11.
Connect the spiders in column 1 to the correct attributes in column 2.



tarantula a.     adorable
b.     giant eyes
huntsman spiders c.     very fast
d.     very hairy
jumping spiders e.     very heavy
f.      very large


4. Are any of the spiders dangerous?

5. How did Caitlin fall in love with spiders?



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