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Is It Bananas?


Bananas are a popular fruit. But something is rotten in the republic of bananas.



  • fungus – schimmel
  • variety – a different type of something
  • to become a thing of the past – to become something that no longer exists
  • soil – the top layer of earth in which plants grow
  • to wipe out – to kill or destroy something completely
  • factory-produced materials – stuff that is made in a factory
  • disease-free – without any illness or infection
  • to insulate – to cover and surround something with a material to stop heat, sound, or electricity from going into or out of it
  • rockwool – special material used for insulation (steenwol)
  • crop – a plant that is grown by farmers
  • rapid spread – very fast growth or increase of something
  • contaminated – dangerously dirty



  1. What is killing the bananas?
  2. In which parts of the world have some bananas already been wiped out?
  3. Why could it be a good idea to take the soil away?
  4. Is growing bananas on rockwool already done on real plantations?
  5. Name three benefits of using rockwool.


Extra Words Questions

What does it mean?

  1. “It’s bananas!”
  2. “Banana republic”



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