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Hotting Up

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The world is hotting up. That’s not a good thing.


  • to be on track – to develop as expected; to go in an expected direction
  • droughts – long periods of time during which there is very little or no rain
  • the second warmest year – the year in second place on the list of warmest years
  • human-caused greenhouse gas emissions – all the greenhouse gas that comes into the air because we humans use so much electricity, drive cars, fly in planes, etc.
  • broken – damaged
  • to strike back – to try to hurt someone who has hurt you or treated you badly
  • heat wave – a period of unusually high temperatures



  1. “2020 is on track to be the second hottest year on record.” Which year is the hottest year on record?
  2. How is nature reacting to the hotting-up planet? Name three or more examples.
  3. Finish Guterres’ sentence: “To put it simply, the state ….”
  4. Name two or more places where big wildfires have occurred this year.
  5. How many percent of all the world’s oceans experienced heatwaves this year?



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