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Good News

Bron afbeelding: Shutterstock/Natasa Adzic

A week of news can be heavy going. Here are some stories to lighten the mood.


  • heavy going – difficult to keep up with
  • to lighten the mood – to make someone happier and less worried
  • La Marseillaise – the national anthem (volkslied) of France
  • crazy – very strange, foolish or unusual
  • it is cancelled – it will not happen, it will not take place
  • HQ – short for: headquarters (hoofdkwartier)
  • mountaineer – a person who climbs mountains
  • broomstick – the long handle of a brush used for cleaning the floor



  1. How many good news items are in the video?
  2. When did the French opera singer start singing from his window?
  3. How did people first react to the singing?
  4. What is Santa HQ?
  5. How fast can the broomstick scooters go?


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