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Earth to COP

The world leaders have come together at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Writer, performer & storyteller Yrsa Daley-Ward performed a poem for them.


  • creators – people who make (new) things
  • entrusted – to have the responsibility of caring for something
  • The inheritors of “land, air, time” are the people who get land, air and time from the people who lived before them and can now use it for themselves.
  • the most inconvenient truth – a very, very difficult true fact
  • If a light dims, it becomes less bright or strong.
  • dues – things that should be given
  • too little too late – not enough and not soon enough to make a difference


1. The poem’s title is: “Earth to COP”. Explain.

2. In the second line Yrsa says: “It is important to begin with the fact.” What is this fact?

3. “Earth has plenty to say.” Give 2 or more examples of the things earth has to say.

4. “Anything less than your best is too much to pay.” What does it mean?

  1. Only the best people are able to find solutions that we can all pay for.
  2. The problem with all the climate actions is that they cost too much money.
  3. The world leaders must do everything they can or things will go very wrong on earth.
  4. Tickets for the best seats at the UN Climate Change Conference are too expensive.

5. Is the poem more hopeful or more without hope? Explain your answer.

Extra assignment

Watch the video again.

  1. Listen carefully to the first and the last line. They are very similar. But not exactly the same. Write them down.
  2. There are more of these kinds of repetitions in the poem. Write down the ones you can hear.


WK 45 2021-2022 Luisteren – Earth to COP – antwoorden


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