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Dear Europe

With Brexit looming, some in the UK are reflecting on their lifelong relationship with Europe.

Assignment 1

For this assignment you may use a dictionary or English-language Internet sources to help you.

a    How many countries are joined in the European Union?

b    Name one or more European countries that are not in the European Union.

c     Write down the names of the European countries you have visited.


Read the letter  Writing home by JK Rowling.


Assignment 2

For each definition, find the word or expression it describes in Rowling’s letter and write it down.

a    people who you exchange friendly letters with, but usually have not met

b    belonging to Wales

c     smooth and shining

d    to go with someone, to keep them company

e    just a little knowledge of something

f      without injuries or damage

g     lists of the times when buses, trains, and planes leave and arrive

h    to sleep lightly or briefly

i      to move around in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose

j      a short journey for pleasure

k     a small case, often made of leather, for keeping money, credit cards, etc.

l      great sadness

m   improved the quality of something, made it better

n    breaking, end

o    a phrase taken from literature

p    western Europe without Great Britain and Ireland


Assignment 3

a    What effect did exchanging letters with other European students have on JK Rowling?

1    She became more and more curious about Europe and ended up loving Europe.

2    She discovered that everybody speaks English and decided never to learn any other language.

3    She ended up hating Europe because she lost all her money and then her mother died.

4    She got to taste many different European foods, but still liked her mother’s cooking best.


b    For each statement, write down if it is true or false. Each time, also underline or copy one or more sentences in the text that confirm your choice.

1    As a writer, JK Rowling likes to use special words to say everyday things.

2    Their schools thought that this meant that the two girls would get along well.

3    Only girls were interested in writing letters to people they had never met.

4    You had to be really good at school to get a pen pal in another country.


c     The title of this letter is “Writing home”. What does JK Rowling mean with “home” here?

1    The city of Porto, where she lived for a while and which she still loves.

2    The house in Stuttgart where her friend Hanna lives.

3    The places where she has friends, in this case all of Europe.

4    The town on the Welsh border where she grew up.


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