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Crystal Clear


The world around us is changing in many ways.


  • benefit – good or helpful effect
  • crystal clear – perfectly clear, so that you can see through completely
  • Venice’s lagoons – the canals in Venice, Italy
  • sediment – material such as stones and sand that is carried into water by water, wind, etc.
  • to settle – to sink down slowly and stay at the bottom
  • to reap rewards – to get the good effects of an action or event
  • relief – the situation in which some stress, danger, harm, etc. is no longer present
  • pollution levels – the amount of damage caused to water, air, or land by waste, chemicals, etc.
  • fragile – very delicate; not strong
  • to plummet – to fall very quickly and suddenly



  1. What has happened in Venice?
  2. Complete the words of Josef Aschbacher:
    “Our planet is ….., but also extremely …..”
  3. What other element has changed for the better?
  4. Can these changes only be seen in Italy?



Water is one of the four classical elements.
Name the other three classical elements.


Don’t forget:
Wash your hands.



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