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Crossing Borders

Many different European countries form the Schengen Area. They share open borders. You can travel through these countries without passport control or any immigration rules. Well… until corona happened.


  • in lockdown – in a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a place or area freely because of an emergency
  • border – a line separating one country or state from another
  • border post – a border checkpoint, where people, cars, etc., are searched by someone before being allowed to continue
  • to put a strain on something – to make something more difficult to manage
  • temporary – not lasting for a long time; not permanent
  • exception – a case where a rule does not apply
  • to fast-track – to make things happen faster or earlier than normal
  • lorries – trucks (vehicle that transport stuff)
  • essentials – things that are absolutely necessary



  1. Which borders does the BBC reporter cross?
  2. Can you still get across from one European country to another without checks?
  3. Why are the rules different for lorries?


Extra knowledge questions

  1. How many Schengen countries are there?
  2. Is the Netherlands one of the Schengen countries?



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