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Confetti are small pieces of brightly coloured paper. All over the world, people love to throw confetti.


  • whirlwind – a very strong wind that moves in a spinning or swirling motion
  • it circles – it flies around in circles
  • colourful – having a lot of different colours
  • joyful – very happy
  • blizzard – a large amount of something that comes suddenly (literally: a very heavy snowstorm)
  • incredible – difficult or impossible to believe
  • Times Square – a famous square (plein) in the middle of New York City
  • to celebrate – to do something special for an important event, holiday, birthday, etc.
  • counting down – counting numbers in a reverse order from higher numbers to lower ones



1.  What’s going on in this video?
a      Corona protesters are throwing around confetti at Times Square in New York.
b      New Yorkers are celebrating the new COVID-19 vaccine with a confetti shower.
c       The confetti test is done for the New Year celebration in New York.
d      The weather channel is using confetti to test the wind direction in New York.

2.  Where will the people in the video celebrate New Year?
a      At home.
b      At Times Square.
c       In New York.
d      They don’t say.

3.  How are the four main wind directions called in English?
North, … … …

4.  What are people saying about the confetti? Complete the words:
This is g…………
This is i………..
This is a………..
It was so c………..

5.  How long does the confetti stay in the air?
a      A few seconds.
b      A few minutes.
c       For hours.
d      For years.


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