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Clowning Around

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Lots of shortages in the UK: petrol (benzine), cars, milk, meat, toys, Christmas trees (!), timber (hout) and cement… And now even a shortage of clowns in Northern Ireland!



  • shortage – a situation in which there is not enough of something
  • ancient Egypt – Egypt many thousand years ago, when it was a very important and influential civilization
  • depleted the supply – used up all that is available (here: all the clowns available in Northern Ireland)
  • locals – people who live in a particular area or place
  • post-pandemic – after the pandemic
  • to live in the moment – to focus on the pleasure you can have here and now
  • to be willing to make a fool of yourself – to be okay with looking like an idiot and everybody laughing at you
  • to be willing to take a trip – to be okay with stumbling (struikelen) and falling
  • ridiculous – very silly, absurd, foolish, laughable
  • to feel at ease – to feel confident and relaxed
  • audience – a group of people who come together to listen to something or watch something (such as a film or clowns)



  1. Why are there not enough clowns in Northern Ireland?
  2. What makes a good clown? Name three or more qualities. (~ 0:42 etc.)
  3. For which people do clowns do their act? (~ 1:35 etc.)
    a.              A lot of stand-ups and other comedians.
    b.              Everyone of all different ages and all different sizes.
    c.              Mainly for teenagers and young adults.
    d.              Only for young children and school kids.



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