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Christmas in New York


Top things to do in New York during the holiday season!


  • the observeration deck – an area on a high building that is surrounded with railings and from which you have fantastic views
  • rink – a large area covered with ice where people go to ice-skate
  • hot chocolate – a hot drink made from chocolate powder and milk or water
  • to recap – to repeat the main points of what has been said before
  • holiday wishes – greetings and best wishes for the special days celebrated from November until the beginning of January
  • towering – very tall and impressive



  1. Which tips does Carina give for a visit to New York in the holiday season?
    Choose all the correct items.
    a. Watch the view from the Empire State Building.
    b. Eat some big apples.
    c. Take a walk in Central Park.
    d. Go ice-skating at the rink in Central Park.
    e. Enjoy
    a hot chocolate at Serendipity.
    f. Visit the theatre.
    g. Listen to the radio.

    h. Admire the fantastic holiday windows.
    i. Go shopping.
    j. See the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.
  2. “One of the best shows in town is free…”
    Which show is Carina talking about?
  3. Did you notice Carina’s nice recap poem at the end? Fill in the missing rhyming words:
    If you’re visiting New York City this time of year
    there’s lots of fun things to do while you’re ………..
    It’s great to skate at the park’s Wollman ……….
    and then cool off with Serendipity’s famous cold ………..
    There’s so much to see along the streets of the ……….
    from bright lights that are shining to windows that are ………..
    Don’t miss the Rockettes as they kick it old school
    or the towering tree that’s ever so ………..
    But this season wherever you are and whatever ………. ……….,
    all of us here at TKN send holiday wishes ………. ……….!



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