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Catching Up

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Emma Raducanu is a tennis sensation. At only 18 years old, she won the 2021 US Open.



  • park courts – special sports fields in parks where people can play tennis
  • to compete against each other – to try to be better at something than someone else
  • to beat someone – to be better than someone else and win a game of sports etc.
  • to use something to your advantage – to use something in a way that is helpful to you
  • rusty – not as good as usual because you have not practiced something for a long time
  • a little bit apprehensive – a little bit anxious or unsure
  • hidden gems – something that is really beautiful or special, but not very well-known
  • expensive – costing a lot of money
  • If you put all their eggs in one basket, you put all their effort into doing one thing so that. But if it fails, you have no alternatives left
  • bored – tired of things, impatient because you have nothing to do




  1. At what age did Emma Raducanu start playing tennis?


  1. Who was Emma’s first tennis inspiration?


  1. Emma can go on tennis tour again. What is she most looking forward to?


  1. Emma plays tennis, but she also keeps her mind activated in other ways. Why is this important?



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