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Busy Bees

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World Bee Day is in May. It was set up by the UN four years ago to celebrate the important role of bees in the ecosystem.



  • responsibility – a duty or task that you are required or expected to do
  • crop – a plant that is grown by farmers
  • lunch period – the time in the middle of the day when people at school have no lessons and can have lunch
  • collapse – a complete failure or breakdown
  • pollination – when pollen (stuifmeel) is moved from one plant to another plant of the same kind so that seeds will be produced
  • honeycombs – groups of wax cells with six sides where honeybees keep their honey
  • honey – a sweet sticky substance made by bees
  • scared – frightened
  • afraid – frightened




  1. Where do the students keep bees?


  1. How many bees are the students at this school keeping?


  1. Why are the students keeping bees?


  1. Name one thing the students do when they take care of the bees.


  1. Finish the sentence:
    Basically, if you don’t mess with them, then ……………………………………..



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