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Australian Wildlife

Bush fires have been raging in Australia for months. Forests and homes are destroyed, people, and animal are hurt or killed.


  • volunteers – people who do something, especially helping others, without being forced or paid to do it
  • scorched – burned; destroyed by fire
  • pouch – a pocket of skin on the stomachs of animals such as kangaroos and koalas that is used to carry young
  • to find refuge – to find protection or shelter from danger, trouble, etc.
  • drought – a long period of time during which there is very little or no rain
  • to swallow up – to make something disappear
  • to discourage –to tell or advise someone not to do something



  1. A possum is a small brown animal that lives in Australia and New Zealand. Find a picture of a possum on the internet. Copy the picture and its URL.
    NB: Make sure you have a picture of a POSSUM, not an opossum! An opossum is a different animal!
  2. What little surprise did the rescuers find in the possum’s pouch?
  3. Why are more kangaroos turning up in and near the homes of people?
  4. How many acres of Australian land have the fires burned down since September?
  5. Normally wildlife groups discourage people from feeding wild animals. What are they advising now?



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