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A Merry Message

Bron afbeelding: Shutterstock/Strelkova Svetlana

Finland’s Santa Claus has a message to people around the world.


  • Santa Claus – a plump, white-bearded, red-suited, and jolly old man who delivers presents at Christmas
  • excellent – very good
  • Christmas – the Christian holiday that is celebrated on 25 December
  • to cancel – to decide that something will not happen
  • wonderful – an animal that is like a small horse with large ears
  • public health volksgezondheid
  • recommendation – advice about what best to do
  • wish – what you want or hope for
  • to stay safe – to be careful and take care of our health
  • soon – in a short time



  1. What is Santa Claus’ good news?
  2. What is one of the best aspects of Christmas?
  3. What is Santa’s greatest wish for this Christmas?



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