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A Fiery Spectacle

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  • a spectacle – a strange or interesting thing to see
  • volcanic – coming from or created by a volcano
  • eruption – the event when a volcano explodes, and flames and rocks come out of it
  • to make a day trip – to visit a place for a day to see stuff and have a good time
  • a fry-up – a meal consisting of different foods such as sausages, bacon, and eggs that have been fried
  • to pose a danger – to be dangerous
  • a crater vent – an opening at the top or side of a volcano where lava and gas come out
  • to collapse – to fall down



  1. Where is the volcanic eruption?


  1. Complete the sentence:
    The eruption follows 53 000 …………………… in the region in the past month.


  1. What has been most dangerous for the sightseers?
    a      Bad weather
    b      Falling rocks
    c       Gas and stuff
    d      Lava


  1. How long could the lava keep flowing?



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